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The decision to buy a home is never an easy one – it’s complex, important and very personal. Along with the usual considerations of price, floor plan, neighborhood and schools, the fundamental questions arise - is the house healthy? What kind of repairs may be in order and what can they do to the overall cost of the home? The purchase price and perhaps even the ultimate decision to purchase may be affected by these factors.

Levels of Inspection

To help you better understand the property you are considering, Structure & Site provides three levels of home inspections, which offer an increasing depth of services to protect your family and investment.

The Standard Home Inspection

The Standard home inspection conducted by Structure & Site is considered the benchmark home inspection in the industry. The on-site evaluation is extremely thorough and the corresponding report is highly detailed, computer generated in an easy-to-read format, includes digital photos and is presented to you at the completion of the inspection.

All of these important elements are inspected:

  • Foundation & structure analysis
  • Roof covering, flashings, chimneys, gutters & downspouts
  • Electrical input and circuit wire evaluation
  • Complete plumbing system including flood test
  • Furnace & A/C operational and condition analysis
  • Landscape, grading, driveways & garage
  • Attic structure, insulation levels & venting capacity
  • Window function & interior condition analysis
  • Smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors

The Premier Inspection

The Premier Home Inspection is designed to bundle the most requested add-on services we offer. All of the elements of the Basic Home Inspection are included plus the following important safety inspections:

The Premier Home Inspection is designed to bundle the most requested add-on services we offer. All of the elements of the Basic Home Inspection are included plus the following important safety inspections:

Radon Gas Test
Radon gas is a by-product of decaying uranium. When a property is excavated for a home build, the dense compact soil is loosened and then allows easy penetration of radon gas to the foundation of the home. Radon gas is heavier than air, which settles in the lowest level of the home. Long- term exposure to radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of long cancer. Radon gas is an invisible and odor-less substance. A two- unit test is conducted which ensures a highly accurate account of the radon gas level of the property. There are two reasons to conduct a radon gas test.

(1) Health and safety. Exposure to elevated radon by children and the elderly is especially dangerous.

(2) If the property does have elevated radon gas, the remediation process costs approximately $1,000. Better to know the radon level before it becomes your problem.

Mold Inspection :
The last thing you want to deal with in a new property purchase is mold growth. Structure & Site professionals are highly trained and certified for mold investigations and testing. Why a mold inspection? Mold growth is always a direct cause of moisture infiltration to building materials. Although many mold issues are relatively minor, it is vital to understand the negative impact that mold growth can create. During the mold inspection, sophisticated equipment is utilized to detect elevated moisture and humidity levels. Floor joists. Attic decking. Floor decking. Basement drywall. Laundry rooms. Bathrooms. Shower pans. All areas of common mold growth. If physical mold is found, a sample is taken for laboratory analysis in order to determine if the mold is a toxic strain.

Pest Inspection:
Wood boring insects such as termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees can cause significant damage to a property's structure. A visual pest inspection is conducted to determine if current or past infiltration is present in the exterior, basement, attic or garage.

Costs for Repair & Replacement Items:
A detailed cost analysis will be provided for items in need of repair or replacement in the short term. Know the cost ramifications for significant items such as roof replacement, air conditioning replacement, etc.

Report Distribution
Home inspection, radon gas and physical mold reports will be distributed via hard copy and email.

Cost for the Premier Home Inspection is $495 for homes up to 4,000 square feet.

The Elite Inspection

The Elite Home Inspection provides an exhaustive array of inspections that detail all aspects of the property. All of the elements of the Standard Home Inspection and Premier Home Inspection are included plus the following additional inspections:

Indoor Air Quality Testing
A whole house indoor air quality study will be conducted to determine if elevated mold spores exist within the living space of the home. A minimum of four samples will be collected and evaluated by an independent laboratory to ascertain the mold and allergen profile of the property. The testing will tell you if mold growth exists in hidden areas such as wall cavities, ceiling spaces and low level areas. Dander, pollen & fibrous particulate will be calculated. The indoor air quality test will give you a snap shot of the air quality throughout the property. More info on indoor air quality.

Cost for the Elite Home Inspection is $750 for homes up to 5,000 square feet.

How an Inspection is Conducted

The inspection starts outside. Many exterior issues can directly affect the interior of the home. Negative grade. Inadequate venting. Downspout discharge. Window frame damage. These types of deficiencies can and will cause problems within the home, often in areas where the problems are not visible.

Once inside, we begin the plumbing flood test. The entire plumbing system is put to work, checking water pressure, making sure the distribution lines, waste pipes and plumbing hardware work properly together. The structural integrity of the foundation, floor structure and roof build are evaluated. We assess foundation fatigue, joist cracks, floor slopes, ridge sag and settlement concerns.

The proper operation of the mechanical systems of the property are essential. We will inspect and operate the furnace and air conditioning equipment. The heat exchanger is the most critical part of the furnace. Corrosion and soot buildup can and will compromise the function, longevity and safety elements of the furnace. The air conditioning system is comprised of the evaporative coil, exterior compressor and air handling equipment. Each unit must operate in harmony. The electrical system will be evaluated from entry point to outlet. The main electrical panel cover plate is removed to check the circuit wiring. Double taps, grounding, loose wiring and ground fault protection is all evaluated and reported.

The interior elements of the property will be pain-stakingly inspected. All windows will be operated to ensure functionality. Electrical outlets are checked for proper wiring and grounding. Door frames and window frames evaluated for settlement and installation. Garage door retraction system checked. All appliances remaining with the property operated and inspected. Drywall finishes are evaluated for moisture infiltration and damage. Fireplace flues and dampers are inspected and operated. We'll even check the doorbell.


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